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Prevue Assessments™

The Prevue Assessment™ is a powerful tool used for hiring, promoting, coaching and team building purposes.

Clients benefit from Prevue™ as it:

  • Provides key insights about applicants and employees
  • Improves the quality of new hires
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Increases employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Acts as a coaching tool for employees regarding the maximization of their strengths as well as working with their weaker areas
  • Develops career paths for employees
  • Determines future leaders
  • Supports the improvement of the Organization’s bottom line and vision.

Would you purchase a sailboat without pulling it out of the water and looking at the hull? Not likely! You would want to inspect below the water line. This is the analogy we use with managers who only apply traditional approaches (e.g. interview, behavioral based questions, reference checks) to recruit, promote, and/or coach people without using an assessment tool. The traditional approach is like inspecting the sailboat above the water line.

We'd like to quickly introduce you to a millennium assessment tool – the Prevue Assessment™. This tool will aid in your hiring, promoting, coaching, and re-engineering practices. It is an assessment tool which considers a candidate in terms of his/her abilities, interests, motivation, personality, and working characteristics. Consider the following features of the Prevue Assessment™:

  • Easy to use and interpret
  • Designed in the 90's but with a track record of improvements to reflect the current needs of our clients (e.g. web-based)
  • Prevue Assessments have been designed and developed to conform to the human rights legislative and best practice requirements prevailing in the various countries where the Prevue Assessments are distributed. This includes the EEOC Guidelines, the Americans With Disabilities Act, and the standards for test development published by the American Psychological Association, the British Psychological Society, and the Association of Test Publishers
  • A choice of options in using Prevue™ - using the system internally or using us as your 'process centre'
  • Measures three areas as well as one's approach to work, not simply just a personality measurement. In addition, there is the ‘Corporate Coach Report’ that is geared for a “softer” approach where there is no benchmarking or connections to a job (i.e. ‘job fit’). The Corporate Coach is often used in team building situations, marriage counseling, self reflection, etc.
  • Prevue™ allows you to develop your own benchmark for a job in order that a candidate’s assessment can be objectively measured to some standard while allowing an Organization to see if there is ‘job fit’
  • Prevue™ is available in a number of languages. Ask us for a listing.

What Employers Have Said:

"We have used the Prevue Assessment with Daugharty Group Inc. for over a decade to assist in selecting the best candidates. It is an insightful and valuable tool for evaluating candidates and coaching employees."

Sylvia MacLure – Director, Human Resources, Masterfeeds Inc.

"In the past, our organization has used traditional methods for hiring and promoting employees. Daugharty Group Inc. introduced us to the Prevue Assessment™ and we have found it an excellent tool for acquiring additional insights to ensure a match between the candidate and job. Since its inclusion into our HR practices, we have used it as a coaching and team building tool."

Cynthia St. John, Executive Director – Elgin St. Thomas Public Health

"Prevue gives us valuable information on whether the candidate is a good fit for the job and our organization. It has helped us avoid likely hiring errors, and saved us the time and money from having a bad hire. Our prevue consultant Dave Daugharty gives the Town of Parry Sound great value-add services, including interpreting results and showing the relative merits of hiring one candidate over another. We use prevue for all our full-time job selection processes and wouldn’t be confident without it."

Rebecca Johnson, Human Resources Coordinator - Town of Parry Sound

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Selection Reports:
Approach To Work
Learning & Reasoning
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Coaching & Development Reports:
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Team Fit - Leader Report
Team Fit - Member Report

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Prevue, it works! Our firm tested it for a year with our clients before we became an authorized dealer in 1995. That was a number of years ago and, today, over one (100) hundred employers are using Prevue through our Office, either managing the system directly or using Daugharty Group Inc. as a "process centre" for assessments. Almost every sector is represented. Consider the following:

  • Accounting (C.A. Firm)
  • Agricultural (Manufacturing)
  • Automotive (Manufacturing)
  • Automotive (Service)
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Churches
  • Financial
  • Government (City)
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing (Metal, General)
  • Packaging
  • Placement Agency
  • Service (Insurance, Mechanical, etc.)
  • We are the largest authorized dealer in SW Ontario but with clients throughout North America as well as worldwide (e.g. Nigeria, Mexico).

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